4M Seminar Series

We are delighted to announce that 4M will be hosting an online, free-to-attend, public-facing seminar series!

The Menarche, Menstruation, Menopause and Mental Health (4M) consortium was established in 2021 to facilitate collaborative interdisciplinary research into how female reproductive health interacts with mental health. Over the past couple of years, the membership has grown and we have been working together to share, plan, and apply for funding for our research. The challenge now is to build on this strong foundation to maintain our momentum and develop the network further.

We aim to develop our reputation as a community of experts in female reproductive and mental health by launching a seminar series and increasing our online visibility. Our seminar series will help us summarise and understand existing research, highlight gaps, formulate project ideas, and enhance our collaborative relationships. We will also be inviting the public, patients, and stakeholders, and publishing the seminar recordings to our website. This will help broaden the conversation and allow us to listen to a wide range of important voices – absolutely vital when carrying out research that has real potential to have impact and improve lives.

Organisation of the seminar series has been made possible thanks to further funding from the GW4 Alliance. Our consortium was initially funded by a GW4 Generator Award, and now we have been very lucky to also receive a GW4 Development Award.

The seminar series is launching on Wednesday the 25th of January 2023 with a talk from Dr Jackie Maybin from the University of Edinburgh MRC Centre for Reproductive Health. Dr Maybin’s talk is entitled “Increasing Precision in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Menstrual Problems”.

Register to attend the seminar here!

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